“When I was young, I thought the world was a groove—well-designed and intentional. Now I am old, I know the world is just a rut—the by-product of many travelers just trying to get through the rain.”
“When you adapt too much, you lose what’s unique about you.”
— Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo

Thoughts on wearables without mentioning “wearables”.

“Q: What is true and not right?
A: Inequity.

Q: What is right and not true?
A: Justice.”
“Justify doing something right.”
“Strength comes in two forms—the kind that cannot be moved and the kind that can move others. The former, the kind of God and Zen, is death. The latter, the kind of artists and inventors, is life. You are not God. You are not Zen. The only strength you have is the kind that can move others. Use it to make us better.”
“When a man is crushed by a building falling on top of him, do we say that he was too weak? Why then, when a man’s soul is broken by life crumbling around him, do we say that he is spiritually weak?”
“Hand-eye coordination requires both hands and eyes. I seem to be all eyes.”
“Great vision is hard to see if you ain’t got it.”
“Evolution is what happens when a species is shaped over generations by the environment. Innovation is what happens when the environment is shaped by successive generations.”